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About company

Company policy:

We based the company to offer users technology that allows them to achieve the very high standard not only in soldering and assembling, but the processing electronics in general. We are pleased that most of our customers are loyal to us since the beginning. We put a lot of thought into what leads them to come back to us. Through cooperation and also a day-to-day communication with customers, we found out that this is because of what can be summarized in one sentence:

Comprehensively and professionally, but always friendly.

We chose this sentence to be a company's motto and in this vein we want to do all the activities within the company, but especially when dealing with customers.


Our company is active in the following areas:


We have developed and manufactured soldering equipment as a substitute for conventional tin wave and a complete technological equipment for SMT production - from the pasting through the SMD components assembling to reflowing in the reflow oven. Development of new more sophisticated devices and auxiliary equipment is continuing in the spirit of a new era of lead-free soldering.


We are selling materials and equipment for electronic manufacturing. Our company is either the exclusive or an official distributor of renowned foreign manufacturers for SR. The largest share of our turnover are: anti-static equipment, dispensing systems, solder materials, forming machine a1nd soldering irons. Knowledge in the field, large inventory and support from our suppliers ensures seamless delivery to customers.

PCB Assembly

We provide complete services from PCB design phase through the purchase of components, installation, soldering, testing after the final assembly. We own only quality technical equipment for assembling PCB with both classical components and SMD components as well, for small and medium series. The experience of our staff, quality supplies and used technology guarantee a high quality of service. Among our long term customers there are many Slovak but foreign companies as well.


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